Iowa Division of Credit Unions Informational Bulletin

Implementation of the Modern Examination and Risk Identification Tool (MERIT): 

The NCUA has modernized the examination platform and systems utilized by the Iowa Division of Credit Unions (IDCU).  NCUA has spent the last several years developing the Modern Examination and Risk Identification Tool (MERIT) which will replace ARIES, the former platform. As part of this overarching project, NCUA developed a new secure entry point called NCUA Connect which credit unions may use to facilitate their examination and exchange information with both state and federal regulators.  

The IDCU has contracted to utilize MERIT to conduct examinations of Iowa credit unions and will fully complete the exam transition from ARIES to MERIT within the next quarter; however, full functionality may require additional transitions by the IDCU. Credit unions will be able to access final examination reports through the MERIT system, but IDCU will continue to send reports directly to the credit union. 

Unless otherwise communicated directly by your EIC, your credit union examination will be conducted in MERIT and if you would like to request access to NCUA Connect, the first step is to identify two individuals to become administrators for your credit union.   Administrators must request access by sending an email to the NCUA’s OneStop Help Desk at   The request should include your name, email address, credit union name or insurance number, and list any NCUA applications you may need access to. The NCUA will verify all requests before approval.  Once authenticated, users can securely interact and share information with the NCUA and IDCU

The first applications available on NCUA Connect for credit union use are MERIT and the Data Exchange Application (DEXA).  MERIT is the new examination application.  DEXA provides a secure way to transfer credit union member loan and share data to be used as part of MERIT examinations.  As NCUA continues their modernization initiatives, NCUA will add more applications to the connection platform.  

As the IDCU transitions to and adopts the interactive functionality of MERIT, we will communicate our expectations to credit unions.  In time, we plan to use  additional functionality allowing credit unions the ability to respond to scoping requests and upload documents directly through MERIT.  The IDCU is not requiring credit union enrollment in NCUA Connect and MERIT at this time, but will continue to communicate expectations for credit union engagement. 

Contact your EIC or Director of Examinations, Kevin Gorman with any questions.

Contact NCUA’s OneStop Help Desk for technical assistance at

Additional MERIT Resources: 


Katherine E Averill 

Superintendent of Credit Unions