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Chapter 535: Money and Interest

Section Number Description
1 Denominations of Money
2 Rate of Interest
3 Interest on Judgments and Decrees
4 Illegal Rate Prohibited-Usury
5 Penalty for Usury
6 Repealed by 82 Acts, ch 1153, 18
7 Assignee of Usurious Contract
8 Loan Charges Limited
9 Prepayment Penalties on Loans Secured by Real Estate Mortgages Prohibited
10 Home Equity Line of Credit
11 Finance Charge on Accounts Receivable
12 Loans by Agricultural Credit Corporation
13 Definition
14 Reserved
15 Open-End Credit and Credit Card Disclosure
16 Delivery of Copies of Debt Documents
17 Requirements of Credit Agreements - Statute of Frauds - Modifications

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