Regulatory Guidance Documents

The following table provides all active regulatory guidance issued by the Superintendent of Credit Unions.

Board of Directors Attendance At Board Meetings 1/18/2013 10/30/2019 PDF version of director attendance guidanceDownload 
CAMELS     PDF version of CAMELS guidanceDownload 

Criteria for Credit Union Chartering and Expansion

11/3/2008 Revising  
Dividend Rate Setting Authority 4/12/1994 11/15/2019 PDF Version of Dividend Rate Setting authorityDownload 
Fixed Asset Management 8/16/1993 3/15/2016 PDF Version of Fixed Asset ManagementDownload 
In-house Attorney for Abstracts & Title Opinions 3/14/2013 2/14/2020 PDF Version of In-house attorney abstracts & Title OpinionsDownload 
Low-Income Designation 11/1/2012 9/12/2016 PDF Version of Low-Income DesignationDownload
Notification Requirements Following Data Breach 10/19/2019   PDF Version of Notification Requirements following Data BreachDownload
Overdraft Protection Programs (FFIEC) Feb. 2005   Not Available
Real Estate Escrow Accounts 8/1/1995 10/30/2019 PDF Version of Real Estate Escrow AccountsDownload 
Restriction of Member Services 12/10/2018   PDF Version of Restriction of Member ServicesDownload 
Securing a First Mortgage Lien in Iowa 9/2015   PDF Version of Securing a 1st MortgageDownload 
Share & Deposit Accounts in Another Credit Union/Non-member Deposits 12/1/1996 11/21/2019 PDF download of Non-Member Deposit GuidanceDownload 
Venture Capital Policy 8/12/2011   Download of Venture Capital PolicyDownload 
COVID-19 SBA Lending 4/3/2020   PDF Copy of COVID-19 SBA Lending Guidance Download
Loss-Mitigation for Real Estate Secured Loans 4/10/2020   PDF Version of Loss-Mitigation for Real Estate Secured LoansDownload
Virtual Annual Meetings 4/29/2020   Link to PDF version of Virtual Annual Meeting GuidanceDownload 
Approved Variance for Board of Director Elections at Virtual Annual Meetings 6/12/2020   PDF Version of Variance for director elections at virtual meetings Download
Board of Directors Required Minutes 8/21/2020   PDF Version of Required Minutes Download

The following Agency Guidance Documents have been withdrawn by the Iowa Division of Credit Unions. These withdrawn Guidance Documents will no longer be updated, referred to, or relied upon by the Iowa Division of Credit Unions. Credit unions should review applicable Iowa and Federal, rules and laws when referring to any guidance documents. Credit unions may direct questions and concerns to the Iowa Division of Credit Unions via email at or via phone at (515) 725-0505.     

  • Bondability of Credit Union Officials 
  • Independence in Auditor/Credit Union Relationship 
  • Corporate Bond and Commercial Paper 
  • Board of Director Borrowing from a Credit Union 
  • Charitable Donation Accounts 
  • Guidance on Indirect Lending Programs 
  • Overdraft "Bounce Protection" Programs
  • Investments 

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