File a Complaint

The Iowa Division of Credit Unions (IDCU) requires all complaints to be written. Our investigation will be completed, as soon as possible, after receiving the details of a complaint.  As a part of our investigation, the Auditing Committee and/or other officials of the credit union may be contacted and provided a copy of your complaint form to assist us in resolving the matter.  Please do not provide any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in your complaint details.  

The division is not authorized to act as a judge or attorney in settling contract disputes.  If formal legal proceedings have been initiated against the credit union, the division will not intervene or further pursue the complaint.  The division will also decline to pursue the complaint if it has been previously adjudicated.  

Please note that we cannot provide legal advice and our determination in this matter will not limit your ability to pursue a private right of action, if one exists.  To determine such rights, you may wish to consult with a private legal council. 

There are 3 ways to file your complaint with our office:

  1. Complete the online complaint form.  This requires you to provide an email address.
  2. Submit a paper complaint form via regular mail.  You can request one through the contact us page.
  3. Email with the following information:
    • Your general contact information
    • Name of the Credit Union 
    • Description of the complaint
    • Desired resolution


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