Review Board Members

The review board is responsible for overseeing the activities of the Iowa Division of Credit Unions and serves as the primary point of accountability for ensuring that state credit unions function as a system.  The seven-member board derives its authority from Iowa Code Chapter 533.  The members of the review board shall be appointed by the governor subject to confirmation by the senate. The governor may appoint the members of the board from a list of nominees submitted to the governor by the credit unions located in Iowa.

Five of the members must have been members in good standing for at least the previous five years of either an Iowa state chartered credit union, or a federally chartered credit union whose principal place of business is in Iowa. Two of the members may be public members.  Only five members of the board are allowed to be directors or employees of a credit union. The members shall serve for three-year staggered terms beginning and ending as provided by section 69.19.

You may reach the credit union review board members by contacting the IDCU Office.  

To access brief biographies of board members, select the member's name from the following table.

Board Member Type of Member Term Expires
Becky Zemlicka, Chairperson Credit Union 4/30/2021
Dave Cale Credit Union 4/30/2021
Janet Pepper, Secretary Public Member 4/30/2023
Tyler Campbell Public Member 4/30/2022
Paddy Friedrichsen Credit Union 4/30/2022
Scott Zahnle, Vice-Chair Credit Union 4/30/2022
Tim Marcsisak Credit Union 4/30/2021








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